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Tailgating Grill

The Tailgating Grill was designed to stay on the outside of the vehicle at ALL times. Triple redundant transport locks mean no more smell or mess inside the vehicle. The arm assembly swings shut and the hinge lock, rotation lock, and lynch pin keep it in place for driving.

The propane tank must always be removed from the grill before driving the vehicle. The tank should be stored securely in the vehicle for transport.

The Tailgating Grill includes license plate relocations brackets in the case you need to move your plate to a more visible location. Check with state and local regulations to determine if you need to relocate your license plate when transporting your Tailgating Grill on the back of your ride.

The Tailgating Grill assembles to your vehicle in minutes in three easy steps: (1) attach the legs to the grill using a screwdriver and the included screws, (2) attach the swing arm to the vehicle’s 2" receiver hitch and tighten the bolt with a socket wrench.

A standard 1-lb propane tank will provide approximately 1½ hours of cooking time on high heat. The optional accessory hose allows you to connect a standard 20 lb propane tank to the grill for 20+ hour cook time.