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Key West

Shaving paddle removal for the Key West Frozen Concoction Maker (DM1900 Series)

  1. Before starting the Cleaning & Maintenance process, the machine should be unplugged, sitting on a dry & clean surface, and the Ice Reservoir and Blending Jar should both be removed.
  2. Press the button located behind the Ice Chute. If the button cannot be pressed, rotate the Shaving Paddle for a half turn and retry.
  3. While pressing the button, rotate the Shaving Paddle counter-clockwise (to the left) by placing your fingers in the ridges of the Shaving Paddle to turn. This will expose the Ice Hopper and Shaving Blade.
  4. Important Note: If the button is not working properly, do not try to force the Shaving Paddle free. Make sure that you're pressing the button firmly and continuously when attempting to turn the Shaving Paddle.
  5. When you want to re-assemble the Shaving Paddle later, simply replace it into the threaded insert and rotate clockwise. Only hand tighten it onto the machine. Follow the remaining steps in the Instruction Manual to dismantle the rest of the machine for cleaning and maintenance.