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Mixed Drink Maker

Do Not use carbonated drinks as a mixer. The carbonation will damage the dispensing valves.
Do Not use fruit juice with pulp. The pulp will clog the valves.
Do Not move the Mixed Drink Maker around once the tanks are installed. There will be spillage!

The Mixed Drink Maker (MDM) recipes were created by Margaritaville bartenders using the 3 most common mixers. It is not recommended to change out the mixers chosen by the drink gurus of Margaritaville.

No, the MDM is not set up to chill the liquids. It is recommended to use pre-chilled mixers & liquor or fill the tanks and cool them in the refrigerator before the party begins.

The MDM will walk you through the steps. The minute you remove the liquor tank from the machine - the machine knows...something is very, very wrong. Where’d the alcohol go? The display will ask if you are adding more of the same liquor or putting in something new? If it is a change in liquor, for example from vodka to rum, the MDM will flush out what liquor is left inside the basin. Be sure to have a cup ready.

Use your imagination. It’s a party right? We know you will figure out something.

Each drink from the MDM dispenses 8oz of deliciousness. The cups suggested are plastic 16oz. party cups and 14-16oz tumblers - no taller than 5 inches.

To keep your drink cool, fill the cup halfway with ice, then when the 8oz. drink pours in you have a drink not too full and not too empty. In the words of Goldilocks, "It’s just right."