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Liquor Chiller

No, Reservoir Lid and Drip Tray should be hand washed with soap and hot water.

Any mixed drink with an alcohol content of 70% or more and has no fruit pulp. (That’s about 2 parts alcohol to 1 part mixer.)
For example: Lemon Drops = 18 oz. Citrus Vodka (71%), 7.4 oz sour mix (29%)

No, anything from tequila to thicker creamy liqueurs work well in the Liquor Chiller.

Yes, but not without alcohol, the non-alcoholic liquids must equal less than 30% of the whole batch.
Note: No juices with fruit pulp. Solids of any kind may clog the dispensing element

Yes! The projection light just lets you know when your potion is Ultra-Cold.

Yes if there is still liquid inside. Do not leave plugged in if empty.

No, a user can pour as little or as much as they want!

Dispense all liquor or mixed cocktail then run warm water through machine. Drain completely for storing.

Keep refill batches in the freezer. (It only takes minutes to get to Ultra-Cold when taken from the freezer.)

If the liquid is at room temperature:
a) Approximately 2 hours to get below freezing (32 F)
b) Approximately 3-4 hours to reach 10-15 F.
If the liquid comes from the freezer it will chill to Ultra-Cold (15 F) in minutes!