Why Frozen Margaritas are Better Than on the Rocks

There's only one real way to enjoy a margarita: frozen. Drinking a margarita poured over ice, or on the rocks, is a completely different experience and it's not as good as sipping one that's frozen. If you've ever wondered what it is that makes frozen margaritas so much better, here are reasons for why you should be blending your cocktails. 

1. Frozen Margaritas Have More Texture  
Blended or frozen margaritas are one homogenous cocktail of icy goodness. These tiny beads of ice don't just make your drink as cold as possible, they also add a nice bit of texture that many drinks lack. This lets you drink it slowly through a straw or quickly from the rim of the glass. Your frozen concoction maker shaves the ice into small particles that then give your drink the optimal texture for sipping. 

2. Blended Margaritas are Ice Cold 
A margarita on the rocks certainly has its share of ice in it, but it's not spread nearly as evenly throughout as it is in a frozen drink. Your frozen concoction maker shaves ice into the perfect size then blends it into the rest of the drink so that every sip is as cold as can be. 

Make sure you choose blended drinks.

3. Ice is Like an Extra Ingredient 
If you start drinking margaritas on the rocks after enjoying frozen margaritas, you'll feel like something is missing. Ice is just as important as lime juice, tequila or salt, but it belongs in small beads rather than large cubes. 

4. Frozen Margaritas are More Fun to Garnish 
If you enjoy placing tropical fruit wedges and tiny umbrellas on the top of your drinks, a frozen margarita is perfect for you. The more viscous cocktail lets you rest lime wedges or pineapple chunks right on the top of your margarita for a better party cocktail.

5. They're A Blast to Make
Pouring a margarita over ice isn't fun for anybody, however, using a frozen concoction maker is a blast. If you're an amateur bartender or just love making cocktails, frozen margaritas are the way to go. Just place your ingredients in and hit the switch on your machine. In no time, you'll have an expertly mixed drink that your guests will be raving about. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.