5 Parrothead Party Games

Whether you're throwing a relaxed backyard party or preparing for a festive tailgate, there are a few elements you always need: party attire, plenty of food, delicious frozen cocktails and party games. Here are five of the must-have party games for any Parrothead who wants to inject fun into their party - just don't forget the Margaritaville® Explorer™ Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker®! 

1. Ladder Toss 
Ladder toss, or Ladder Golf, uses small vertical "ladders" made of PVC piping or other materials as a goal, with each rung representing different point totals. Guests throw strings weighted on either end with balls at the rungs and try to get them to catch. It's a great tailgate game because you don't need much room and it sits flat on the ground. Consider offering a prize for the winner in the form of a freshly made tropical drink. 

2. Lawn Chair Volleyball 
Volleyball is fun, but a bit too much action for a relaxing party. Try lawn chair volleyball. Set up a few chairs on either side of a lowered volleyball net and bat over a beach ball without standing up for a fun, low-effort game that allows you to sip your margarita throughout without fear of spilling.

3. Cornhole 
USA Today rated cornhole or bags as the No. 1 lawn sport because it's fun, competitive, inclusive and lets you hold your drink during the whole game. This simple bean bag tossing game is portable and suitable for all ages. You can build your own board or purchase one that comes with convenient carrying handles. 

4. Polish Horse Shoes
Polish horse shoes, or beersbee, is a fun party game, perfect for big backyards. All you need to play are a few beer bottles, ski poles and a flying disc. Plant the poles firmly in the ground, balance the bottles atop their handles and try to knock over your opponent's bottle with the flying disc for points. This game can be adapted for tailgates by bringing poles with feet and plastic bottles that won't break on the asphalt. 

5. Mai Tai Limbo 
You don't have to drink a mai tai while you play this game, any frozen or mixed drink will work. Mai tai limbo is an adult twist on traditional limbo. Every time you go under the pole take a sip of your cocktail. Feel free to make other rules as well, like everyone takes a sip each time the bar is lowered. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.