The 4 Best Food-Drink Pairings to Impress Your Guests

Restaurants and bars work hard to pair their tasty drinks with the perfect food, whether it's an appetizer or a cocktail hour special. So, when you're entertaining at home, why not do the same yourself? Here are four foods that go perfectly with specific drinks. 

1. Margaritas and Mexican Food 
This seems like a no-brainer, but Mexican food is really the perfect complement for margaritas. Not only do these dishes hail from the same native country, but the salty, spicy flavors common in many Mexican dishes work perfectly with the sweet and sour lime of a margarita. For cocktails or dinner, why not use your frozen concoction maker to blend up a few classic margaritas then make your own fajitas?

Simply grill steak or chicken in Mexican seasoning and your favorite hot sauce, and serve with chopped peppers, onions, tomato, salsa, guacamole, cheese and tortillas. You can assemble your own to get the exact ratio of each ingredient that you desire. 

Squeeze a splash of fresh lime juice on your fajita to make it a great match with your margarita.

2. Piña Coladas and Spicy Seafood
While spicy foods and Mexican cuisine definitely overlap, they're far from the same thing. Try pairing delicious, homemade piña coladas with a spicy seafood plate, like shrimp or fish. It will add to the tropical feel and make it seem like you're really sitting on the beach. Consider Jerk Shrimp Dip, Righteous BBQ Shrimp or hot, stuffed Portobello and shrimp.

3. Bourbon and Barbecue 
It's no secret that some of the best bourbon and barbecue come from the same parts of the U.S., as these two flavors go great with one another. They both share a strong, wood-smoke flavor that overpowers the other elements of the food or drink and improves the overall product. In fact, many barbecue sauces have been made with bourbon or bourbon flavoring. If you're designing a date night or group get​-together with some bourbon cocktails, look for barbecue sandwiches, BBQ Chicken flatbread pizzas, ribs or smoky seafood to enhance the drink.

Turn your bourbon drink into a tasty slush with your party machine.

4. Beer and Hot Wings 
This sports bar standard is beloved by many football fans, but it can be a tasty option for anyone. Experiment with different hot sauces and spicy rubs to get the perfect hot wings. You can dress them up with garnishes to make them ready for serving. Opt for a hoppier beer to combat the spiciness and bring out the richer flavors of hot wings. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.