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3 Frozen Melon Cocktails

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Make a sweet and refreshing melon margarita in your frozen concoction maker this summer. Try one of these three recipes for your barbecue or Parrothead party. 

1. Cantaloupe Margarita 
Cantaloupe isn't used as frequently as many other fruits in cocktails, but its strong, sweet and juicy flavor makes it the prime candidate for a margarita. Try this recipe on a hot summer day to cool down in style. Here's what you'll need: 

  • 1 1/2 cups cantaloupe, cut into cubes
  • 6 ounces or 4 shots silver tequila 
  • 3 ounce triple sec 
  • 3 ounces lime juice 
  • 3 ounces cold water
  • 2 tablespoons simple syrup 
  • Salt
  • Limes
  • Ice 
  • Your margarita machine. 

Combine your fruit, liquor, juice, water and simple syrup into the party machine's blender jar. Next, fill the ice reservoir with ice and set your machine to shave and blend. You'll end up with a thick and icy fruit-filled cocktail. Serve in a salt-rimmed margarita glass along with a cantaloupe chunk and lime wedge as garnishes. 

Use cantaloupe to make a summer cocktail. Use cantaloupe to make a summer cocktail.

2. Frozen Dew Drop  
If you're more a fan of honeydew melon, try this lighter cocktail that's just as refreshing. Mix these ingredients in your frozen concoction maker: 

  • 3/4 cup honeydew melon, cut into cubes 
  • About 15 grapes 
  • 3 ounces of unflavored vodka 
  • 1 1/2 ounces melon liqueur. 

Make sure your ice hopper is full and blend until smoothie. Serve with a wedge of melon. Multiply the recipe for several guests. 

Honeydew melon is the perfect fruit for your party drink. Honeydew melon is the perfect fruit for your party drink.

3. Watermelmint Cocktail 
There's nothing better than eating cold watermelon on a hot summer day, so why not try drinking it? Try this recipe: 

  • 1 1/2 cups watermelon, cut into cubes 
  • 1 1/2 ounces lime juice 
  • 4 1/2 ounces flavored vodka 
  • 3 ounces watermelon liqueur 
  • 6 ounces lemonade 
  • 1 handful of mint leaves
  • Sugar to taste 
  • Ice. 

Combine your ingredients in your margarita machine and blend until smooth. Serve in a short glass with a sprig of mint, a wedge of melon and a sugar rim. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.