Margarita Buffet: A Killer Drink and Snack Menu for Your Summer Party

It's the heat of summer. What better way to celebrate the season and cool off than with a backyard blowout for all of your favorite people? Invite friends and family over for a small feast of good food and tasty drinks. Here are a few menu ideas for your backyard yard buffet to really impress your guests. 

Pineapple Bacon Kabobs 
One of the best parts of the summer is that you and your friends can throw a party outdoors, enjoy the yard and just relax. Just like tiki torches and picnic tables, grilling is a critical part of this experience. Rather than going with the classic burgers and hot dogs, switch it up for a more tropical treat - pineapple kabobs!

Don't worry, there's still meat. All you need for this treat is to skewer chunks of pineapple, cubes of chicken, cut slices of bacon, bell peppers, onions and any other vegetables you want to add. The key to making this kabob really pop is coating it with a sweet, Pacific sauce before cooking. Use brown sugar, soy sauce, ginger, pineapple juice and salt to make a one-of-a-kind mixture. Feel free to play with the ingredients and make this your signature snack.

Get creative and add your favorite veggies like squash or mushrooms.

Pick-Your-Own Margarita Bar 
What's a backyard party without a frozen cocktail in hand? Give your guests the chance to make their own custom, tropical margarita without lifting a finger. Rather than putting out a make-your-own-margarita station, set up a table and then man the margarita machine yourself.

Give your guests a few types of tequila, liqueurs and juices to pick from to design their ideal drinks. Once they pick, combine 3 parts tequila, 1 part liqueur, 1 part sweetener and 2 parts juice in your party machine. Then you hit the switch and let your guest watch as it blends up their custom cocktail.

Serve a variety of flavors.

Mango Sliders 
Your guests are going to have one of their hand's full with a margarita, so why not give them some finger food for the other hand? Rather than go for a simple burger, keep your tropical theme going and add a little mango on top. 

All you need to do is blend up some fresh mango salsa in a food processor or blender. Combine mango, cilantro, hot peppers, plum tomatoes and onion in the machine. Pulse until finely chopped and spoon onto your mini burgers. They'll add more flavor than ketchup ever would and give guests that salty sweet combination they want. 

Eclectic Veggie Treats 
Don't leave out vegetarian or vegan guests. Make sure you provide a spread of vegetables that they can enjoy with dip or hummus. However, don't just put out carrots and lettuce. 

 Look for unusual and seasonal vegetables to use that your vegetarians friends will really enjoy. For example, cook up some artichoke on the grill. 

Mini Key Lime Pies 
The Florida Keys aren't just a great tropical vacation destination, they've also given us this tasty dessert. Finish off your party with a nightcap and a dish of single-serving key lime pies. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.