How to Make Your Own Skinny Margarita

If you enjoy skinny margaritas out, why not try making your own at home?

Next time you're entertaining, be sure to offer up skinny margaritas for friends who are counting calories, and even those who aren't. While they're great for the calorie-conscious, skinny margaritas still deliver on taste too. It's the perfect cocktail for a party or a relaxing night at home that won't have you worrying about your waistline.

Make a Classic Skinny Margarita
Most of the calories in a margarita come from three places: the tequila, the citrus liqueur and the sweetener. While the tequila is a must-have for any margarita, you can make your drink "skinny" by replacing the other two ingredients with lower calorie, fresher alternatives.

There's no wrong way to enjoy a margarita.

Follow this recipe to make a skinny margarita in your Frozen Concoction Maker® with fewer calories and all the taste. Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • 4 1/2 ounces tequila
  • 3 ounces fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • 3 ounces fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon agave nectar
  • Ice

Add ice to the reservoir of your Frozen Concoction Maker® up to the fill line. Pour the remaining ingredients into the jar, choose settings and mix your delicious skinny concoction. Pour in a margarita glass and garnish with plenty of fresh-cut fruit. Rim your drink with salt, but skip the sugar - it's just empty calories.

The fresh-squeezed orange juice provides the sweet and sour kick of the citrus liqueur without any of the added sugar. Similarly, the small amount of agave nectar helps sweeten the drink without adding the calories found in a tablespoon or two of sugar.

"Skinny, low calorie drinks are all about making smart ingredients adjustments."

The key to skinny cocktails is focusing on fresh fruits rather than sugary ingredients and liqueurs. These fruits have some natural sugars, but they typically have far fewer calories and pack more flavor.

Other Great Frozen Skinny Cocktail Ideas
Chances are if you're throwing a spring or summer party people will be thinking about their beach bodies and skinny cocktails will be a welcome addition to the party. These low-cal drinks can feel lighter than their richer alternatives. Try one of these "skinny" drink ideas in your Frozen Concoction Maker® today.

  • Raspberry Lime Spritzer - Raspberry and lime go together better than nearly any other flavors. Mix these two fruits to make a simple drink. Simply combine vodka, lime seltzer, a splash of lime juice and frozen raspberries to your frozen concoction maker along with some ice. You'll love the light, refreshing taste.
  • Leana Colada - Nothing says summer more perfectly than a pina colada. Try this easy fix for getting the same creamy, delicious experience of a colada with less sugar and calories: Simply cut out the creme of coconut. Replace its flavor with a coconut-infused rum and small amount of nonfat yogurt.
  • Shochu Smoothie - You may not  have heard of Shochu, but that doesn't mean you won't like it. This popular Japanese liquor is catching on quickly in the U.S. With an alcohol level between that of wine and vodka, Shochu also has fewer calories than most liquors. Find a bottle of this unique alcohol at your local liquor store and use it in your frozen concoction maker. Mix it with some fresh lemon juice, light cranberry juice and a little club soda. In no time you'll have a very low-calorie drink that's truly unique.

Please drink responsibly and follow all laws.