How to Clean Your Frozen Concoction Maker®

Your Frozen Concoction Maker® is your go-to any time you need to kick back with a refreshing frozen drink, and you love using the machine to make frozen treats for your friends during patio parties. To make sure your Frozen Concoction Maker® keeps serving up delicious frozen margaritas and other treats for you and your friends and family, it's important to correctly clean the machine after each use.

It's easy to clean your Frozen Concoction Maker®. Just follow these steps to ensure your Frozen Concoction Maker® is always part of the party. Make sure your Frozen Concoction Maker® is switched off and unplugged before you begin cleaning.

1. Remove the Shaving Paddle
Removing the Shaving Paddle will allow you to access the individual components of the Frozen Concoction Maker® so that each part can be cleaned. First, rotate the machine so that the back is facing you. Then push down on the Ice Reservoir Release Button and remove the Ice Reservoir. Now you can access the Shaving Paddle and Ice Hopper. Being careful to avoid the Shaving Blade, press the button behind the Ice Chute while unscrewing the Shaving Paddle to safely remove it and set aside. 

2. Remove the Ice Hopper
After removing the Shaving Paddle, take out the Ice Hopper. You can do this by pressing the two Ice Hopper release catches, located on either side of the machine, and then lifting out the Ice Hopper. 

3. Remove the Shaving Blade
The Shaving Blade will need to be removed to be thoroughly cleaned. However, take special care to avoid touching the blades as they are extremely sharp. To remove the Shaving Blade, turn the Shaving Blade Assembly Nut to the left to loosen it and then remove the Shaving Blade and store it in a safe place. 

3. Remove the Glass Blending Jar 
Next, remove the Glass Blending Jar by lifting it straight up. Be careful to lift it up gently and do not twist it. It might need to be moved back and forth slightly before it becomes detached. Lift, don't twist, since twisting the Glass Blending Jar may cause the Blending Jar Base to loosen which could lead to leaks during operation. 

4. Remove the Blending Blade and Sealing Ring 
Flip the Blending Jar upside-down and unscrew the Jar Base, turning it to the left. Then, carefully take out the Blending Blade and Blending Blade Sealing Ring and set them aside. 

5. Remove Ice Melt Reservoir
Finally, remove the Ice Melt Reservoir by pulling the handle straight out while holding the unit in place so it does not move. 

6. Machine Wash the Parts
All of the parts you removed from the Frozen Concoction Maker® can now be washed in your dishwasher. Make sure to place the parts only in the top rack of the dishwasher, otherwise they may be damaged or damage the other items. After running the parts through a normal cycle in the dishwasher, remove and finish drying by laying them on a towel set on the counter. 

You should not use your Frozen Concoction Maker® immediately after it has been removed from the dishwasher. The hot water heats the parts of the Frozen Concoction Maker®, and adding cold liquids and ice when the parts are warm leads to an abrupt change in temperature that may cause the Blending Jar to crack. 

7. Clean the Exterior of the Frozen Concoction Maker®
Remove any stains or traces of spills by using a warm, damp cloth to clean the exterior of the Frozen Concoction Maker®. Wipe down the machine and then let dry completely. To preserve the integrity of the machine, do not use any solvents to clean and instead simply use a damp cloth.