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5 Decorating Ideas for Your Porch

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Once it stays sunny after 5 p.m. and the flowers start to bloom, it's porch season. This wonderful time of year brings with it lazy afternoons and evenings of blissful naps, savored conversations with friends and delicious drinks made straight from your Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction Maker®, all enjoyed as you look out over your backyard or neighborhood. 

A cozy porch decorated with your personal style and flair just makes porch season that much better. But stylish porches are not just the realm of social media and magazines - you can create your own photo-worthy space with our simple decorating tips. Here are five ideas to help you live out your #porchlife dreams - and when your space looks this good, why spend any time indoors this season?

1. Perk Up the Floor 
You may think rugs and carpets belong only indoors, but they can add cozy comfort and a soft place to put your feet when used on the porch. Brightly colored rugs and bold patterns make a statement, or you can go for neutral-colored rugs for a subtly chic look. Whichever style you choose, be sure to pick a rug that's made for high-traffic areas and that uses a hardy material that can withstand the elements. When it comes to placement, overlapping several rugs of different textures is charmingly bohemian, while a single rug can serve as a focal point or set off seating areas. 

2. Prioritize Comfort 
#Porchlife is all about comfort, so seek out chairs and other seating options that you could lounge on all day. Swing chairs and cushioned chaises are perfect for curling up on while you read or sip your favorite frozen concoction. Hammocks are also a great option that can't be surpassed when it comes to relaxation sessions - if your porch beams can't support a hanging hammock, use the stand variety instead. Once you have your chairs, sofas or hammocks picked out, toss large outdoor pillows and blankets throughout the space for ultimate coziness. 

porchWe're all about that #porchlife.

3. Set Up a Mini Tiki Bar
That's right, set up a mini tiki bar on your porch - because why should your kitchen have all the fun? Place a low table in a corner of your porch and use it to display your Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction Maker® so that your favorite frozen drinks are always within easy reach. Arrange ice buckets by the table and use shelves to store glasses, garnishes and fun touches like mini paper umbrellas. Have a basket of flower leis ready to give to guests, and keep a radio or stereo on hand for playing island tunes. With your Margaritaville® Frozen Concoction Maker® right on your porch, you can enjoy the warm weather with your favorite frozen margarita, piña coladas and daiquiris on hand - not to mention your porch will instantly become the most popular hangout spot in town. 

4. Go String-Light Crazy 
The easiest way to add ambiance to your porch is to hang as many string lights and lanterns as your heart desires - it's a no-fail way to create some cozy charm. Keep things cool and classy with strings of white fairy lights, or go for a playful and fun feel with quirky lights in the shape of stars, palm trees, fish or flowers. Or simply mix several different types of lights for an eclectic look! Once the sun starts to go down, your porch will look utterly enchanting - and ready to party!

5. Add Some Fantastic Flora 
Create a porch straight out of paradise with plants, plants and more plants! Lots of flora placed around the space turns your porch into a tropical island escape. Bright hibiscus flowers are a beautiful pick, as are palm fronds and orange or lemon trees, but any type of plant that suits your fancy will work. Place plants on tables and on the floor, and hang them from the ceiling of the porch as well. Winding ivy around latticework is also a pretty and cozy touch - especially when it's paired with fairy lights. 

With these decorating tips, you'll live that #porchlife in style. 

Remember to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and follow all drinking laws.