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Unexpected But Essential Tailgate Supplies

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Tailgating for your favorite team can be a blast. Whether it's college or professional, the focus of a tailgate is usually on the food, the friends and the drinks. While certain supplies for a tailgate are a no-brainer, such as your frozen concoction maker, others are less obvious.

Check out this tailgate gear that's less common than a cooler and a grill, but just as important for having a great time.

Clean up supplies 
​You can't just focus on the party without thinking about the cleanup afterward. Make sure you bring supplies so that you can clean up any potential messes, like a spilled drink, as well as supplies to rinse out your glasses and wash your hands. Many people pack a plastic storage container or a tool box with all the cleaning supplies and keep them on hand for each tailgate, whether they get used or not. Consider stocking up on paper towels, trash bags, sealable plastic bags for dirty cups and wet wipes among others.

Bug repellant gear
When you're making sweet cocktails in your frozen concoction maker, you'll probably attract a few new friends over to your car. However, you also risk bringing bugs in. Think ahead and bring bug repellent supplies from sprays and candles to nets and food coverings as needed.

Kick your tailgate off right with the best flavors.

Kitchen Flavors
I​f you're grilling at your tailgate, make sure you have more than just ketchup and mustard. Try storing a few spices, seasonings and sauces in a plastic container or toolbox for tailgates. This will let you make your burgers cajun, jerk or barbecue and your guests will love it.

Plastic Glassware
Red plastic cups may be a staple of tailgates, but they're not always the best way to drink what you're concocting. Instead, bring along a few plastic versions of your favorite glassware, such as a margarita glass. This way you can still have the salt rim and open mouth, but not have to worry about it breaking.

Power Supply
Easy to forget, but very important, having a power supply handy is key for everything from music to your frozen concoction maker. Bring extension cords and cables. And carry extra, just in case a fellow tailgater needs some help.