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6 Ways to Spot a Parrothead in a Crowd

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Parrotheads may look like a lot of people during the work week, but when it's time to relax or party, they're hard to miss. Whether it's a concert tailgate, a beach or just a regular weekend, Parrotheads are known for their specific clothing and style choices. Check out these telltale signs of a Parrothead and see which ones fit you. 

1. Open Footwear 
It'll be hard to find Parrotheads in socks and sneakers. Those shoes are fine for running or walking, but when it's time to relax, only sandals will do. Whether they're flip-flops or other open-toed shoes, this type of footwear is critical for any Parrothead. Make sure you find a pair that is comfortable for the beach and a tailgating parking lot. 

2. Island Clothing 
Island clothes are probably the most recognizable Parrothead accessory, and for good reason -they're so comfortable and fun. From Hawaiian shirts and leis to coconut bikini tops and grass skirts, there's no wrong way to dress tropically. 

3. Jimmy Buffett-themed Accessories 
From cheeseburgers in paradise to lost salt shakers to cleverly named cocktails, there are bound to be some Jimmy Buffett-inspired accessories around any set of Parrotheads. While Parrotheads may be beach-lovers and party-enthusiasts, it's Jimmy Buffet that was the first connection for most people. Any Jimmy Buffett puns are a great way to know you've spotted a Parrothead. 

4. Shark Toys 
Whether it's a fin on a head or on the roof of your car, these ocean-themed decorations are a common sight at any Parrothead event. Look for one at your next tailgate or invest in your own for a fun Parrothead party. 

5. Music 
It's all about the music. Listen to classic Buffet tunes and other songs he's inspired. Parrotheads are bound to have several Buffet albums, a great sound system and music playing constantly. 

6. Cocktails 
Parrotheads may be best known for their love of boat drinks and tropical cocktails. They're not just going to have a cooler of beers. Parrotheads will have frozen concoction makers, elaborate bars and even more complex drinking cups. You're bound to see a Parrothead with a margarita, a daiquiri or another Caribbean cocktail in hand. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.