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Perfect Costume Ideas for Parrotheads

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Whether you're headed to a costume party with friends or staying at home to dole out goodies to your local trick-or-treaters, finding the right costume for Halloween is key. If you're the typical Parrothead who likes to kick back after a long week of work, it can be hard to spend hours crafting the perfect costume. Here are a few ideas that won't take long to prepare but should still impress anyone you see. 

It's not just the parrot on the shoulder that makes pirates a great Parrothead costume idea. Buccaneers were known to live throughout the Caribbean, drinking rum on the beach and sailing on the ocean. While you're unlikely to plunder boats in your free time, drinking rum on a beautiful beach doesn't sound so bad. 

Feel free to make your pirate costume at home with rags and old clothing or buy one from your local costume shop. Just make sure you have a tasty tropical rum drink in your hand from the frozen concoction maker too. 

Try dressing like a pirate this Halloween.Try dressing like a pirate this Halloween.

Jimmy Buffet  
Every year, people dress up like their favorite celebrities for Halloween, so why not impersonate your favorite musician? Just find the right concert t-shirt, a pair of summer sunglasses, a good hat and a guitar. The hardest part to recreate will be that classic Jimmy Buffet laid-back attitude. Try your best and your fellow Parrotheads will surely get a kick out of dressing like Buffet himself. 

Lost Shaker of Salt 
Speaking of Jimmy Buffet, one of his most famous lyrics can make a great costume idea. Dress like that lost shaker of salt that everyone is searchin' for. It's an easy costume to make, and your friends will love it. Plus, it can be a couples costume idea. Have one person dress as the salt shaker and the other be the person doing the "searchin'" with a magnifying glass. It's a fun play on a classic Buffet song that Parrotheads and casual fans alike will appreciate. 

Why not take Parrothead literally this Halloween? Look for a fun parrot costume to strut your colorful wings with. You can use it as part of a group costume or on its own. It's a great option if you're doing a family costume with the kids as well. 

Over-The-Top Tailgater 
If you've been to a Parrothead tailgate, you know that some people go all out. So why don't you? Dress yourself like the ultimate tailgater. Wear a Hawaiian shirt and a coconut bra and make sure you have a fresh tropical cocktail in a tiki cup. It's a fun, functional and very easy costume that you can throw together in minutes. Plus, if you're spending Halloween with fellow Parrotheads they're sure to enjoy it. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.