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How to Rim Your Glass

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Whether you're in a hammock in your backyard or lounging on a tropical beach, one of the best parts of every sip from your drink is the extra boost of flavor your get from the rim of your glass. It could be salt with a classic margarita, sugar with a sweeter cocktail or even something spicy to heat up your mouth. 

Rimming your glass should be just as significant a part of your cocktail as the liquor and the margarita machine. Learn how to rim your glasses perfectly every time with these easy instructions. 

1. Pick the right glass 
The first step to preparing your drink is to select the right glass for the job. For margaritas and many frozen drinks, you'll likely want a margarita glass. For other tropical drinks that are often rimmed, you'll probably want a martini or hurricane glass. The key is to find cups with thin glass and wide rims. Some autumn beers also receive a cinnamon sugar rim and are typically served in a pint glass or short stemware. 

Serve each cocktail with a perfect salt or sugar rim. Serve each cocktail with a perfect salt or sugar rim.

2. Moisten the rim 
In order to get anything to stick to the rim, you need to moisten it first. Bartenders have devices that make the process as easy as a flick of the wrist, but you can do it with ease at home as well. 

You have two choices when it comes to moistening the rim of your glass. You can either:

  • Rub a lime wedge around the rim of your glass, dampening the interior and exterior at the same time.
  • Or, you can flip your empty glass upsidedown and dip it into a dish of water. 

Using lime juice is a simple way to wet your glass that works well for margaritas, but the water dish is perfect for drinks where a citrus flavor would be unpleasant.

Try different flavored salts for your cocktails. Try different flavored salts for your cocktails.

3. Roll your glass 
In addition to salt and sugar there are dozens of flavors you could rim your drink with, such as, chocolate dust, celery salt, jalapeno salt or sprinkles. After you pick what your drink needs, pour it onto a small dish. Try a saucer or small plate, but make sure it's large enough for the mouth of your glass. Pour a small layer of salt or sugar onto the dish and get your glass ready. 

You can dip the glass into the flavor like a cookie cutter, pushing it straight down into the mix evenly, or press and twist the glass in the mix. People are split on which is better, so try both and decide for yourself.

Another option is to roll the outside of the glass horizontally on the flavor like a wheel, to keep the mixon the outside only. You can do this all the way around the glass or halfway for a unique look. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.