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Throw the Perfect Beach Party at Your House

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Just because you're not near the beach doesn't mean you can't throw a great beach party. Follow these simple tips to transform your yard or home into a sandy paradise that all your guests will love. 

1. Use real sand 
There are posters or murals that show pictures of sand, but if you want to give guests that beach feeling, add some real sand to the equation. Buy a few bags of sand-box sand from your local hardware store and pour them in one area of your yard to create an authentic beach oasis. Set up chairs, tables and even a small tiki bar with a frozen concoction maker if you want. 

Use a tarp under the sand for easy clean up or no tarp if you'd rather make this a permanent attraction. If your party is indoors, you can try a much smaller sand display with a kiddie pool or sand box. Rather than having guests frolic in this sand, use it as a display. Place a chair and fake palm tree in the sand to create a small scene that will add to your guests' experiences. 

Add shells and seaglass for a more realistic experience. Add shells and sea​ glass for a more realistic experience.

2. Dress up your tables, chairs and yourself 
Decorations are a key component of any party, especially if you're trying to make it feel like you're really near the ocean. Consider dressing up your tables and chairs in grass skirts, adding beach murals to your walls, using inflatable or cut-out palm trees, and putting on some fashionable beach ware. Wear a bathing suit, flip-flops, sunglass and even a little zinc oxide on your nose for some humor. 

The ultimate decoration for any beach-themed party is a soundtrack of ocean noises. Pump these through your sound system when you're not listening to Jimmy Buffett and other tropical rock. 

"Create a new 'beach bar' for your party."

3. Set up an island bar 
Your home may already be known as having one of the best home bars, but create a new "beach bar" for your party. Set it up outside near the grill or indoors by the sand box. 

Dole out tasty, strong drinks in your margarita machine and have all the ingredients on hand to make any classic frozen tropical drink from piña coladas to daiquiris. 

4. Serve island food 
After drinks, food is the most important aspect of a party. Grill up some of your favorite island fare, like barbecue shrimp. Use fresh fruit too. It can be a great snack as well as a colorful decoration. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.