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5 stages of attending a Jimmy Buffett concert

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Whether you're a regular fixture at Jimmy Buffett concerts with a collection of ticket stubs dating back 30 years or you just started going last summer, it's guaranteed to be a good time. While each concert is filled with its own surprises, you should know that there are five stages that every Parrothead goes through during the show. 

Stage 1: Parrothead Preparation 
A Jimmy Buffett concert isn't your typical show. To have the full experience, you need to put in a little preparation time. This stage is for you and your friends to get ready for any situation you might encounter at the tailgate or concert, whether it's running out of tequila or needing an extra coconut bikini for a friend.

During your preparation time, get your tropical clothing ready, prep your margarita supplies and deck out your car in Parrothead decorations, like palm trees, inflatable sharks and painted Buffett lyrics. Some venues open as early as 9 a.m., so you may want to go through your Parrothead Prep stage the night before. 

Don't forget to bring everything you'll need to make perfect tropical cocktails. Don't forget to bring everything you'll need to make perfect tropical cocktails.

Stage 2: Tailgate Time 
When you arrive at the venue, it's time to get your parking spot and set up your tailgate area. Introduce yourself to the Parrotheads nearby and enjoy the Buffett community. Play some outdoor games, listen to some tunes and, of course, sip your margarita. Consider setting up a small bar station in your tailgate area to share drinks with your friends and other Parrotheads passing by. 

Stage 3: Finding your Seat 
Although most Parrotheads could tailgate forever, eventually it's time to head into the concert. Once you're inside look for your seat and acquaint yourself with the people around you. Like tailgating, the venue is a communal space of Parrotheads just looking to have a good time. The more friends you make before the show starts, the more fun you'll have during the performance.

"Jimmy will be having just as much fun as everyone in the audience."

Stage 4: Singing Along 
Once Jimmy gets on stage, get ready to sing along to your favorite songs with thousands of other Parrotheads. Enjoy the music and take part in the interactive show. Jimmy will be having just as much fun as everyone in the audience. 

Stage 5: Heading Home and Planning Your Next Show 
After the show is over, it's time to head home and rest up from your all-day party. You've likely had a great time, made a few new friends and started thinking about your next Buffett concert.

Make sure you have a safe ride home lined up, whether it's a designated driver, a ride service or a party bus to drive you back safely. Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.