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Best Cruise Destinations for a Parrothead

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Are you planning on taking a cruise in the next few months? Cruises are one of the most relaxing and fun ways to travel. Rather than fighting long lines in the airport and rushing to make your connecting flight, a cruise ship lets you ride along with a drink in your hand and gives you a chance to enjoy the fresh sea air. You aren't cramped in a middle seat with no leg room. You're able to walk around, grab a cocktail and meet fellow vacationers. 

Whether you're looking to cruise with fellow Parrotheads, or just spend a few days in the tropical weather on the sea, a cruise is a great idea. Here are five of the best places for Parrotheads to visit. 

1. Bahamas
Not only are the Bahamas a tropical paradise, but they're close to Florida as well. So whether you call Key West your home or you're coming from the West Coast, the Bahamas are a convenient spot for American travelers. The Bahamas also have world class golf courses, plenty of hopping and, of course, pristine beaches. 

The buildings in the Bahamas are nearly as beautiful as the beaches. The buildings in the Bahamas are nearly as beautiful as the beaches.

2. Mexico 
What better place to take a cruise than the home of the margarita? While you may love making your own margaritas at home in your frozen concoction maker, you'll be able to get the most authentic cocktails along Mexico's east coast. Take a cruise along a few of the beach communities for a week or two - you won't regret it. 

3. The South Pacific 
Enjoy the most famous tropical landscapes and climates through the beautiful South Pacific islands. There are dozens of cruises to choose from that stop at unique and breathtaking islands that feature wonderful beaches. Try to grab a different local tropical drink at each island. 

Find your paradise. Find your paradise.

4. Caribbean 
There's more than just the Bahamas in the Caribbean. From Aruba in the south to the Dominican Republic in the north, there are plenty of islands ready to be explored. Take a lengthy vacation and visit as many islands as possible. 

5. Mediterranean 
Parrotheads will love the warm weather and crystal clear water of a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the Greek and Italian coasts, see the ancient cities of northern Africa and enjoy wonderful food and drink.