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6 Famous Drink Recipes From Across the US

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The United States is a vast and diverse country. And it's not just the people and places that vary significantly across the country - the drinks do too. 

Here are a few regionally specific tasty drinks that you may want to try at home in your margarita maker. See which region's drinks you enjoy the most then plan a trip there yourself to taste the real thing. 

1. Sazerac - New Orleans 
From its famed Bourbon Street parties to the plentiful "to-go" cups, New Orleans is well known as a place to enjoy a cocktail. So what better drink represents this Louisiana cultural hub than the official cocktail: Sazerac. 

First created more than 150 years ago, this classic drink is often called America's oldest cocktail. Try making your own in the frozen concoction maker. Combine these ingredients in your margarita maker along with ice in the hopper: 

  • 1.5 ounces anise-flavored liqueur
  • 6 ounces cognac, rye or bourbon 
  • 2 tablespoons sugar 
  • 3 dashes of bitters. 

Pour into two glasses and top with lemon peels. 

Use cognac or bourbon for this NOLA favorite. Use cognac or bourbon for this NOLA favorite.

2. Mint Julep - Kentucky, The South 
This American cocktail is associated with the Kentucky Derby, but it's also popular throughout the South. The key ingredients to this drink are bourbon, mint leaves, sugar and ice. The key to its success is its simplicity and cool, refreshing taste. Rather than wasting time grinding up ice yourself, let your frozen concoction maker do the work and make a frozen take on this classic U.S. drink. All you need to do is load up your ice reservoir, then combine these ingredients in your party machine's blender jar: 

  • 6 ounces bourbon 
  • 12 mint leaves 
  • 1 tablespoon sugar 
  • 3 ounces water. 

"Lime Rickeys are the official drink of Washington, D.C."

3. Lime Rickey - Washington, D.C. 
Similar to a mojito, but with a bolder flavor, the Lime Rickey is a popular drink whether alcoholic or not. All you need to make this summer drink is some seltzer, simple syrup, fresh lime juice and gin. Use your margarita machine to blend a frozen version of this sweet, effervescent cocktail. Mix in some fresh raspberries and you'll have a New England version of this official D.C. drink. 

4. Cape Codder - Massachusetts, New England
The official drink of the Bay State is cranberry juice. Combine this tart juice with some vodka and a lime and you have a popular cocktail named for the state's popular vacation area. Whip up a frozen version of the Cape Codder in your margarita machine to enjoy on a hot summer day. 

5. Pisco Punch - San Francisco 
The Northern California drink originated there during the gold rush and has only recently become popular again. All you need to make this simple cocktail at home is Pisco, a type of South American brandy, and lemon juice, pineapple, sugar and water. 

Celebrate America's largest city with a Manhattan.Celebrate America's largest city with a Manhattan.

6. Manhattan - New York City 
The Manhattan may be the most well-known regionally named cocktail. Although most people enjoy this classic in a martini glass, with a few changes it can be a tasty frozen drink as well. Mix the rye whisky, sweet vermouth and bitters along with a small amount of seltzer and plenty of ice in your frozen concoction maker. In no time you'll have a strong and tasty cocktail. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.