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Throw the Perfect Party for Awards Season

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For film buffs and TV lovers, the winter is known as awards season. From the day the Golden Globes nominations are announced to presentation of the Academy Awards, there's plenty to celebrate. Here are a few tips to throw the perfect awards viewing party this season!

Have ballots ready 
The best part of any awards show is seeing who will win. And it's even more fun if you have a friendly competition to see which of your guests can predict the most winners. Have ballots printed out and ready to be filled out complete with a list of nominees, descriptions of what they're nominated for and, of course, a stylish ballot box to place the finished sheets. 

Use a big board to see who gets the most guesses correct and have a small, fun award trophy ready for them. 

Give your guests awards at your party.

Make trophy snacks 
Speaking of trophies, try making food shaped like the awards you're celebrating. Whether it's a cookie shaped like the Oscar statuette or an ice cream cone dessert styled after the Grammy's trophy, your guests will surely get a kick out of these tasty, creative snack options. 

Settle on a dress code  
If you want to make it a legitimate formal event like some of the awards shows or a casual affair where comfort is encouraged, make sure your guests know what's expected. Nothing is less fun than showing up to a party without wearing the right clothing. 

Blend great drinks and make games 
Drinks are a critical part of any awards season party. Get your frozen concoction maker flowing to whip up some sweet treats for your guests to enjoy. Consider using champagne for your drinks to keep up the awards theme. Another option is to make movie- or TV-specific drinks that incorporate a character or theme from the program. 

In addition to drinking, games are also a big part of watching the award shows. Come up with rules, like drinking each time a specific actress is shown or when the host starts singing, and have everyone get involved. 

Have fun with the invitations 
An awards party is a great excuse for getting creative with your invitations. Consider making them look exactly like the envelopes that hold the winner's name on stage. That way, when your guests open their mail, they'll feel like they've already won. 

Add a red carpet 
Decorating for an awards party can be fun, adding elegant tablecloths and plenty of sparkling silver and black wall hangings, but it's a red carpet that really makes the difference. Try buying a small red carpet, renting an authentic one or making your own with craft supplies. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.