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Why You Should Make Your Frozen Concoction Maker a Plus-one at Your Office Party

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Office parties are just one of the many things to enjoy during the holiday season. Whether in December or early January, your holiday party gives you a great opportunity to entertain your coworkers with your frozen concoction maker. This year, bring your frozen concoction maker as the plus one to your office party - Your coworkers will love it!

Your Frozen Concoction Maker Will Be the Life of the Party
If your office party is in the conference room or the break room, it can get boring quickly. You spend more than 40 hours a week at work, so spending a few more in the same place is no fun. But if you bring your frozen concoction maker in, everyone is bound to give it a look. They'll ask you how it works, why you prefer it to regular drinks and if you can make them a margarita.

In no time, your frozen concoction maker will help get the party going. Not only does it dish out delicious drinks to enjoy, but it's a fun conversation piece that leads way to talking about the latest concert tailgate or tropical vacation.

It'll Create a Sense of Community
Not only can your frozen concoction maker kick off the party, it can give everyone a space to congregate around. Rather than everyone getting a piece of cake and going back to their desks, this machine gives everyone an area to start conversations and become friends.

It's Just Plain Fun
Bringing your frozen concoction maker will be fun. Not only do you get to talk to people about this cool appliance, but you'll be able to put smiles on people's faces with your unique frozen drinks as you play bartender for the party. It's a great opportunity to enjoy yourself and ensure other other people do as well.

You Can Make Special Holiday Cocktails
Forget about drinking warm mixed drinks out of plastic cups. With your frozen concoction maker, you'll be able to elevate the entire party's cocktail game. Whip up frozen favorites and bold versions of holiday classics. Try your hand at making the Mistletoe Margarita, a Frozen Eggnog Cocktail or a Gingerbread Margarita. Your coworkers will love these creative drinks.

Your fellow Parrotheads remind you to drink responsibly, follow all drinking laws and enjoy the holidays.