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Top 6 Winter Spices to Add to Your Cocktails

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This winter, embrace some seasonal spices with your frozen concoction maker for truly fresh and flavorful cocktails. Here are a few of the winter spices you should include in your home bar these next few months.

1. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is one of the most popular and common spices in the U.S., and for good reason: It's delicious. Although this winter spice is typically used in hot beverages, such as tea, coffee drinks and cider, it can work great in frozen cocktails as well.

Try using this versatile spice as a main ingredient or a sprinkled garnish for whiskey-based drinks such as frozen Old Fashioneds.

Try a Salt n Pepper Cocktail this winter. Try a Salt n Pepper Cocktail this winter.

2. Black Pepper
Black pepper may seem like a commonplace spice nowadays, but this ingredient can still pack a flavorful punch. Pepper, which is a winter spice, is a critical ingredient for some savory cocktail favorites including Bloody Marys.

Use your frozen concoction maker to whip up some frozen Bloody Marys with fresh-cracked black pepper for a holiday brunch. It's bold, flavorful and perfect for those rough mornings.

3. Cloves
Cloves aren't just a winter spice, they're a delicious and traditional holiday ingredient. Include this tasty flavor in cold versions of classic cocktails. Use cloves or ground clove in frosty sangria or cider concoctions that will surely kick off any holiday party.

Cloves are a great cocktail addition. Cloves are a great cocktail addition.

4. Cayenne
This spicy ingredient will help add a little heat to your winter. Use cayenne pepper as a garnish or to make glass-rimming cayenne salt for your favorite cocktails. This spice carries a kick and goes great with traditional or spicy margaritas, whether they're infused with lime juice or jalapenos. It also provides a nice color contrast with most margaritas.

5. Cardamom
This wintry spice is among the most expensive per weight in the world, but you only need a little for maximum impact. Made from various plants, this spice is traditionally used in making teas. Try infusing it into your frozen iced tea recipe for a cold drink that's a little more wintry than the summer version. You could even try adding it to your favorite Long Island Iced Tea recipe.

6. Ginger
Did you know ginger is a holiday flavor? After all, gingerbread men are a Christmas staple. This root is perfect for a wide range of cocktail recipes and liquor varieties. Try fresh grated ginger or find a liqueur infused with its essence this season.

This holiday season, have fun, drink responsibly and follow all laws.