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Bring Summer Back with a Tropical Themed Party

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Baby, it might be cold outside, but don't let that stop you from celebrating as if you're on a Caribbean beach with the warm sand and surf at your toes. Pretend it's summer by throwing a truly tropical party for your friends and family to let loose. Here are a few tips to kick off your warm-weather shindig, even if there's ice and snow outside. 

Serve homemade barbecue 
Don't worry, you don't need to venture out to the grill to make some great summer barbecue food. You can use your range to make fantastic summer food, like these recipes. 

  • Jerk Fajitas - Use onions, peppers, shrimp, tortillas and all the fixings for this tasty Southern treat that you can cook on the stove with a skillet. 
  • Tropical Dip - Put a fruity twist on traditional dip to make it true island fare. You'll need papaya, mango, cilantro and avocado, among other ingredients, to make this unique appetizer
  • Chicken Skewers  - Nothing says barbecue like shish kabob, but you can make this jerk chicken recipe in your home oven. 
  • BBQ Shrimp - Beer, barbecue sauce and butter make this shrimp taste like a warm summer day, and all you need is your stovetop skillet. 

Mix some tasty cocktails 
Nothing will make you and your guests feel more like they're lounging on a beach that a frozen cocktail in their hand. Use your Margaritaville® Key West™ Frozen Concoction Maker® to make some perfectly blended, delicious drinks. Stick to classic tropical drinks like margaritas or get adventurous and see what you can mix with a fruity taste. 

Make it feel warm with your decorations
To truly make your party feel tropical, go all out with the decorations. Make sure all of the Christmas items are down and put away. Then start adding greenery, cover the walls and tables in colorful displays, and maybe even use a tarp with some sand and beach chairs on it for an authentic feel. It's also a good idea to keep your space bright and and turn up the heat a little to make it feel like the sun is beaming down on you. 

Encourage everybody to wear their best Parrothead gear - Hawaiian shirts, sunglass, sandals and fun hats - and have some extra on hand, so that no one is without. Once everyone starts acting like it's tropical, it will really feel that way. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.