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7 Things Every Parrothead Loves

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The term "Parrothead" may have started as compliment about Jimmy Buffet's devoted fans, but today, it describes an entire population of fun-loving adults who share the same passions. Here are seven of the top things that all Parrotheads love. 

1. Tropical Rock Music 
It all started with Buffet's music, and Parrotheads don't forget that. In addition to Buffet, many listen to other tropical rock artists who entertain with catchy lyrics and great melodies while keeping the atmosphere relaxed and cool. It's the perfect background music for a party or tailgate!

2. A Fun, Laid-Back Attitude 
One thing that makes Parrotheads unique is their love of everything relaxed. Whether you're literally sitting oceanside with your feet in the sand and a tropical drink in hand or spending time with your friends in your kitchen, the attitude is the same: There's no need to rush. Parrotheads are also known for loving all things fun, from party games to dancing.  

3. Dressing the Part 
Anyone can notice a Parrothead because they'll be dressed head to toe in tropical clothing, like Hawaiian shirts, sandals and coconut bikini tops. Dressing the part is just another way Parrotheads can comes together and have fun.

4. A Quality Margarita 
Margaritas are the ultimate party concoction for Parrotheads. They're the perfect mix of cold and delicious for tropical weather and have been immortalized in Buffet's lyrics. Parrotheads take great pride in making the perfect margarita. Party machines, such as the Margaritaville® Bahamas™ Frozen Concoction Maker®, help Parrotheads get the best ratio of ingredients as well as premium consistency. 

5. The Community 
Whether or not Parrotheads know each other personally, they're friendly and generous with everything from tropical cocktails to sharing food. Parrothead blog Fins Left explained that being good friends and helping others are core tenets of being a Parrothead. 

6. Giving Back 
As a community, Parrotheads do more than just celebrate. The Fort Meyers Florida Weekly pointed to a group of Parrotheads who took time to get together and give back to the community by cleaning up public areas. Parrotheads love nature and are happy to pitch in to protect the outdoors. 

7. Going to the Beach or Making Your Own 
While most Parrotheads likely prefer the warm sand and clear water of southern Florida's beaches to anywhere else, that hasn't stopped people from celebrating the Parrothead way of life everywhere. Parrotheads come together to celebrate all across the U.S. - including in landlocked cities and cold climates. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.