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5 Tips for Preparing the Ultimate NYE Party

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Celebrate 2015 by throwing a party for your friends and family leading up to midnight. Use these five tips as inspiration for how you organize your New Year's Eve celebration. 

1. Prepare the perfect bar 
Champagne and other bubbly wines get the lion's share of the attention each Dec. 31, but your guests will appreciate having more variety. Consider setting up a self-service bar with all the goodies and garnishes most people don't have every day. 

Organize a table with plenty of glassware - old fashioned glasses, champagne flutes and margarita glasses are musts - as well as an array of liquor. But what will truly catch your guests eyes will be the lime wedges, cherries, grenadine, vermouth, bitters, mixers and inedible garnishes, like a New Year's-themed drink umbrella. Most people don't have these at home, so it'll make your bar seem a little more special. Leave a cocktail recipe book on the table to let people make specialty drinks with these exotic options. 

Of course, the crown jewel of your home bar will be your Frozen Concoction Maker®. Dish out plenty of margaritas and other frozen cocktails to help ring in the new year with a tropical twist. 

2. Make a time capsule 
News Year's Eve is all about thinking back and looking forward. Create a time capsule, where you and your guests each bring something that represents the previous year. Stick it all in a shoe box or jar and store it away for the whole year. At next year's party, pull it out and see what's changed. It's a great annual tradition to start.

3. Play games about 2015 
Games can be the center of any party, but Real Simple magazine suggested people make their resolutions and goals into a party game for New Year's Eve. The magazine highlighted a fill-in-the-blanks game about the upcoming year, but you can design your own at home. Come up with a mix of sincere and silly questions about what people predict for 2015. Consider asking for yearbook-like superlatives about your guests. 

4. Try DIY confetti poppers 
Dish out homemade confetti poppers to celebrate the new year. As decor blog Ruffled explained, you can use toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, confetti, glue, tape, thread and fishing line to make your own poppers that'll fill the room with confetti when pulled. Get creative and make them colorful and functional. Although this can make a big mess, it's more than worth it for the festive atmosphere it adds. 

5. Print out festive decorations 
Need a little help decorating? Look to your computer. Rather than spending money on big banners that you'll only use once, The Huffington Post pointed to printable decorations that you can use to give your home that extra touch. There's everything from drink flags and champagne tags to professional-looking party hats and place settings - and they're all free. Printable decorations are becoming more popular, so do a little digging on the Internet before you find the right pattern for your party. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.