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4 Surprising Times When Your Frozen Concoction Maker Can Come in Handy

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Your frozen concoction maker is sure to be the star of any summer party or concert tailgates, but did you know it can be a handy tool at other occasions as well? This useful appliance can whip ice, liquor and mixers into tasty tropical cocktails in any situation. Here are a few of the unexpected instances where your frozen concoction maker can prove its worth. 

1. Nontraditional holidays 
Everyone knows that a margarita machine is an important appliance for Cinco De Mayo, but don't forget that it can come in handy for the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. Use your frozen concoction maker to blend up frozen drinks that are red, white and blue or pumpkin spice flavored. It helps you take a holiday celebration to the next level. 

Make a delicious frozen cocktail for Thanksgiving. Make a delicious frozen cocktail for Thanksgiving.

2. Unexpected Guests
Have you ever had unexpected guests come over? A neighbor swinging by to catch up? These are the times when your frozen concoction maker may be the most useful. You don't have to let it warm up or prepare in any way. Simply invite your guest in for a frozen drink, plug your machine in, fill up the ice reservoir then pour in your liquor and mixers. In no time, you'll have a perfect frozen cocktail to share. 

3. When the Kids Want a Treat 
The frozen concoction maker may be perfectly designed for alcoholic beverages, but it can do much more. Try blending some fruit juice or smoothie ingredients into a delicious slush for all ages. 

4. In the Middle of Winter
At first thought, frozen drinks and winter don't mesh. However, when it's cold, gray and dreary every day, the only thing that can make you feel like it's a tropical paradise outside is a freshly made margarita. Blend up a winter frozen drink and pretend your feet are in the hot Caribbean sand. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.