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How to Tailgate Like a True Parrothead

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Tailgating like a Parrothead all comes down to maximizing phun. Jimmy Buffett fans come together year after year and take over  parking lots and yards, and turn them into temporary tropical paradises. There might not be the sea water and sand, but there certainly is a relaxed, island attitude for people ready to party before the concert or game. If you've never been tailgating with true Parrotheads before and you want to prepare for the event, here are some of the essentials for any Parrothead tailgate party. 

Festive drinks 
When you tailgate like a true Parrothead, drinks usually take the center stage. Walk through the concert parking lot and you'll see homemade tiki bars, makeshift drink stations on decorated pickup truck beds and plenty of coolers. Whereas at other tailgating events most people would be drinking beer, margaritas are the hallmark of the Parrothead movement. Nothing will make that asphalt feel more like sand than having a frozen beverage in your hand. 

The Margaritaville® Explorer™ Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker® gives Parrotheads the opportunity to make margaritas the whole lot will be jealous of. This battery-powered machine guarantees a perfectly made margarita every time. Feel free to use your Explorer to play bartender and acquaint yourself with some fellow Parrotheads. 

Tropical attire
It isn't hard to spot a Parrothead when they're tailgating. Although they come from all sorts of backgrounds, wearing suits or surgical scrubs during the week, at a tailgate it's all tropical clothing. Break out a colorful, comfortable shirt, khaki shorts, light skirts, floral prints, coconut bikini tops, colorful hats, leis and anything else that you'd like to be wearing when you're kicking back, relaxing on a Caribbean beach. 

It's not just about what you and your group wear, you can dress the car too. Whether you add a large shark to the top of your SUV or paint the windows with your favorite lyrics, other Parrotheads will appreciate the creativity. 

Quality music and a welcoming attitude
PubClub recommended that anyone who wants to tailgate like a true Parrothead get to know the lyrics to as many Jimmy Buffet songs as possible. Music is as big a part of tailgating as margaritas, and plenty of people will be playing the favorites. Know the words and you'll be able to bond quickly.

Tailgating like a Parrothead isn't the same as tailgating like a football fan. When you're a Parrothead you're part of a large community, so embrace the spirit. People are expected to wander and make new friends. Explore the tailgating area and invite people to come to your setup and enjoy themselves as well. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.