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Find the Right Glass to Serve Your Guests

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When you're playing bartender with your Frozen Concoction Maker®, it's more fun if you have all the gear the professionals do. Check out a few of the most common types of glassware, so that when you serve up a delicious cocktail it won't just taste great, but it'll look fantastic as well.

Old Fashioned or Rocks Glasses 
These short, stout glasses are simply named for liquor served "on the rocks" or the bourbon-based old fashioned. Although they vary slightly, most people use the circular, thin-walled, thick-bottomed glasses interchangeably. They're best for serving liquor, like scotch or whiskey, straight or with ice. 

Highball Glass 
Highball glasses, sometimes referred to interchangeably as tumblers, are tall, standard multi-purpose drinks. Many people use highball glasses for classic cocktails like gin and tonics in which the ice and mixer need room. 

Collins Glass 
Collins glasses are defined by their thin, tall appearance. Designed for serving Tom Collins cocktails, you can use this glass for many of the same drinks as a highball, but where a smaller or sleeker look is desired.

Break out the bubbly - flutes are thin stemware designed for sparkling wines and champagne. The small opening and design not only looks elegant, but helps the carbonation last as long as possible. 

Martini Glasses
Martini glasses are some of the most iconic glassware, with a long stem, cone-shaped bowl and wide opening. Unlike the flute, a martini glass is designed to let out aroma for the drinker's pleasure. It's relatively small in volume compared to other cocktail glasses is because it's designed for drinks served without ice.

Margarita Glasses
A margarita glass is stemware with a smaller bowl at the bottom that opens to a wider bowl at the top. The wider bowl at the top allows for you to get more salt or sugar around the rim - as well as more of your frozen cocktail in the glass. 

Hurricane Glasses 
Hurricane glasses are named after their resemblance to hurricane lamps, tall curvy glasses with short stems. Hurricane glasses are typically used for serving tropical drinks. They have plenty of room for fruity or frozen drinks that use a number of ingredients as well as garnishes around the rim. 

Wine Glasses 
There are dozens of types of stemware for every type of wine, but the general rule is that red wine glasses have a wider mouth to let the wine breathe, while white and desert wines have smaller openings. 

Beer Glasses 
Like wine, there are dozens of types of beer glasses, from large mugs and steins to pilsner glasses and snifter-like stemware. When in doubt, pint glasses typically work well with many beers. 

Remember to enjoy your beverages responsibly and follow all drinking laws - and don't forget to look out for your fellow Parrotheads too.