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Breaking the Ice: 5 Activities to Get Conversation Flowing

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The best ice breaker at your party may be your margarita machine, turning mere ingredients into delicious frozen cocktails, but games that stimulate socializing can help your diverse crowd of friends and family feel more comfortable at your next party. Consider trying out one of these games to give everyone a chance to introduce themselves and get a bit silly.

1. The Lei Game 
Use an ice breaker that can help set the tone for the rest of the party. Divine Dinner Party pointed to a rowdy game that you can play throughout the party that fosters conversation and gets more fun as people get to know each other. 

Start off by giving every guest a lei - perfect for tropically themed parties. Then have guests trick each other into saying the word "no." "No" is the secret word and once you get a guest to say it through questions and conversation, you win his or her lei. The person at the end of the night who has the most leis around their neck is the winner. 

2. Who Am I 
Called "Who Am I", "Secret Identity," "Heads Up" and dozens of other names, this game gives everyone at your party an excuse to talk and drink. Everybody writes down the name of a person or fictional character on an index card and these cards are stuck to other guests' foreheads. Without looking at the card, guests must then walk around and ask yes or no questions to other guests to get more information about the character on their card. It's a great excuse to converse with other guests and you can take a drink of your frozen concoction for each "no" answer you receive. You win once you guess the name on the card.

3. Guess the Prize 
Everyone loves winning something. So People magazine recommended that you get a prize for your next party. Wrap it up in a box, display it and have people take guesses as to what it might be. Read the guesses out loud, get everyone involved and have some fun with it. The person closest to the actual item inside can take it home. 

4. Would You Rather 
Try playing the "would you rather" game in which guests are asked to choose between two unpleasant, creative hypothetical situations. Whether using premade cards that have suggestions or making up questions yourself, this is a great way for people who don't know each other well to jump into great conversations, which are often hilarious. 

5. Better Than Name Tags 
Name tags are more commonly associated with a business conference than a party, but tags with fun facts can help start conversations and allow people to show off. People magazine suggested people list the farthest place they've ever traveled to on their tag - an easy way top jumpstart new friendships.

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.