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4 Fall Party Ideas to Keep Summer Going

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Although summer may be the height of party season, with hot weather that ceaselessly calls for frozen cocktails, there's no reason you can't continue the celebration through the autumn. Fall offers plenty of reasons to keep the party going, even if the temperature begins to drop and the weather feels less than tropical. Check out these four suggestions that will keep you celebrating despite the falling leaves. 

1. Switch out your summer tailgates for football games 
Tailgating is a Parrothead specialty. Whether decked out in tropical clothing or playing bartender with your portable, battery-powered Margaritaville® Explorer™ Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker®, Parrotheads are the kings and queens of concert tailgating each summer. But, when the leaves start to change, you may also want to consider adjusting to the new season. Rather than concerts, fall ushers in football season. 

Although you may need to trade in your grass skirt for something warmer, there's still plenty of fun to be had at a football tailgate. Grill up some tasty food, invite your friends and don't forget your Explorer!

2. Embrace the bonfire 
Cookouts and barbecues are the ultimate summer parties. They give you a chance to enjoy your friends, family and the outdoors while serving delicious food and mixed drinks to your guests. But just because the summer ended doesn't mean these outdoor parties need to. Adjust to a cooler weather barbecue by featuring a big bonfire. Build an area in your yard where everyone can come together to enjoy the warmth of the fire safely. Set up a bar and buffet indoors for refilling refreshments, and plenty of seats around the fire for relaxing.

3. Throw a harvest party 
One of the best party themes for the fall is a harvest festival, because of the variety of decorations you can feature. Better Homes and Gardens magazine advised party hosts to use pumpkins heavily. From serving dishes to lanterns, pumpkins are a festive all-purpose container you can use throughout your fall celebration. Hay bales, apple boxes and blankets are all important party additions as well. 

4. Hold an autumn cocktail party 
Every season has cocktails that its known for. Summer features cold, frozen concoctions and tropical drinks, while the winter has hot beverages to keep your warm. The fall is caught in the middle. Hold a party to expose your friends to delicious, less-known autumn drinks, such as the Caramel Apple and the Halloween orange Carrot Daiquiri.

There's no need to let the autumn slow down your party plans, instead, use one of these ideas to throw your own fall bash. 

Not every place is as carefree as Margaritaville®, so please enjoy your cocktails responsibly and follow all drinking laws.