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Frozen Concoctions From Around the World

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Use your Frozen Concoction Maker® to throw an around the world-themed party with cocktails from different edges of the globe. Here are a few of the best frozen drinks from outside the U.S. 

You may not have known this sweet, tropical drink was international, but it's actually named for a beach in Cuba, National Geographic magazine explained. No matter the flavor of daiquiri, the key ingredients remain the same: lime, rum and sugar. These ingredients are common in Cuba and were mixed to create a variety of drinks. There are many types of daiquiris, but the best known is the fruity, frozen variety, National Geographic pointed out. 

Piña Coladas 
This famed frozen drink was invented in Puerto Rico, but as New World Review explained, the actual origins are hard to track down. This simple frozen rum, pineapple and coconut drink may have even been invented in the 1800s by the pirate Roberto Cofesi. However, other stories claim Puerto Ricans or Spaniards invented the strained pineapple drink for bars or restaurants during the 20th century. Regardless of who invented it, this tropical concoction has become one of the most popular frozen drinks in the world. 

Watermelon Soju Slush
Watermelon Soju slush uses the Korean grain or sweet potato liquor Soju, according to food website Chow. You can mix this recipe into a sweet, exotic slushy cocktail. Try making it at home with 1 part ginger liqueur, 4 parts Soju, 1 part lime juice, plenty of watermelon and a bit of sweetener. It's easy to blend, and you're bound to impress your friends with its uniqueness. 

White Russians 
This creamy drink that mixes coffee liquor and vodka may not be best known in its frozen variety, but it works well and is similar to a mudslide. Contrary to its name, this particular cocktail may have actually originated in Brussels, The Alcohol Enthusiast explained. The word "Russian" made it into the title because vodka was Russia's spirit of choice and many outside the nation associated it with the country. 

Of course, this popular frozen drink started in Mexico, but, like Piña Coladas, the exact origin is hard to pin down, the Smithsonian magazine explained. Whether it was invented by a wealthy American name Margarita Sames in Acapulco or a Tijuana bar owner in the '30s to please a picky customer, the mix of tequila, lime and ice are a winning combination that'll be enjoyed for the foreseeable future. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.