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Everything You Need for a Thanksgiving Luau

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Throw your own Thanksgiving luau this year. Whether you want to replace the classic American holiday with this Hawaiian twist or add an additional dinner feast to the month of November, this unique party is the perfect way to give thanks. Here's everything you'll need to get a Thanksgiving luau set up. 

Both luaus and Thanksgiving are characterized by food. So feel free to get creative and serve something fun that your guests will love. For example, rather than bringing out your turkey on a platter, consider mounting the cooked bird on a decorative spit at the center of the table - it's a turkey-day take on the classic pig roasts. 

The next step to building a tasty Thanksgiving luau is to replace the mashed potatoes and green beans with tropical sides and appetizers like Coconut Shrimp and Potatoes. Use plenty of fruit in your dishes as well as decorations around the house for a more festive feel.

Just because Thanksgiving occurs in late autumn doesn't mean that you need to abandon your frozen cocktails. With your luau, bartend as if you're on a Hawaiian beach with plenty of tall, cold glasses of sweet drinks. 

Keep the holiday theme alive by brewing up some Thanksgiving Smoothies. Featuring vanilla, maple syrup, nutmeg and pumpkin, they have a bit of everything for the season. Of course, if you'd prefer to embrace your tropical side more, make The Best Margarita or a Kiwi Colada in your party machine.

Skip the silverware and nice table settings, as a luau calls for some over-the-top decorations. There are a variety of decorating tricks you can use to make your home luau-ready, while still stylish. Use bright, exotic fruit as an arrangement in the center of the table. Consider turning this into a tropical cornucopia with mangos and pineapples replacing the traditional squash and pumpkins. 

Another trick that combines these two decorative celebration is to replace the hula skirts around your food and drinks with colorful turkey feather decorations. 

Party games are one of the best parts of a luau and they'll surely invigorate your Thanksgiving guests. Although limbo is actually a Caribbean tradition and not Hawaiian, it can still be a fun activity at the luau. Intersperse tropical games, like hula dancing, with Thanksgiving activities like touch football for a complete fun-filled holiday celebration.

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.