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3 Fall Fruits to Carve Out for Cocktail Glasses

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This fall, instead of reaching for a glass to pour your frozen cocktail in, try a seasonal fruit. Whether they grow nearby or halfway around the world, there are plenty of tasty fruits harvested each autumn that you can carve into festive beverage containers. Try your hand at one of these for your next fall party!

1. Pineapple 
Although you may not think of this tropical favorite as being associated with fall, it's typically harvested between September and December. Pineapples are the perfect fruit to carve into a large cup for a daiquiri, piña colada or even a margarita because of their size and durable exterior. 

Start by lopping the top of a pineapple off, 2 inches below the leaves. Use a pineapple corer or your knife to cut and remove the center of the fruit. Be careful not to puncture the bottom. Then use a spoon to finish cleaning out the inside, similar to carving a pumpkin. Then, get your straws ready, fill up the glass with the frozen drink you just made in your party machine and serve. 

2. Guava 
Like pineapple, guava may seem a surprising fall fruit because of its tropical reputation, but it actually is best to harvest guavas in the late fall. With a green exterior and sweet pink fruit inside, guavas can look a bit like small watermelons. Consider picking up a few before you next party to use as small, old-fashioned glasses. 

Simply cut off the top like a lid to reveal the insides, then use a melon baller to scoop out a cup-like cavern for your frozen concoctions. You made need to take off a small slice on the bottom of this round fruit to level it out and prevent it from rolling away and spilling. 

3. Apples  
Whether McIntosh, Red Delicious or Granny Smith, this early fall fruit can make a unique beverage holder for any autumn drink. Use a knife or spoon to carefully hollow out your apple while leaving thick, sturdy sides for a custom glass that screams autumn. Consider serving your small apple glasses with a Caramel Apple Martini. Because of their smaller size, some people use apples, or a similar fall fruit pears, to carve out shot glasses rather than full-sized cups. 

Your fellow Parrotheads at Margaritaville® Cargo remind you to enjoy your frozen concoctions responsibly and obey all drinking laws.