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Build the Perfect Holiday Playlist

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Everyone knows the idyllic scene of people setting up for the holidays - stringing up the lights, hanging stockings, decorating the tree, all with holiday music in the background. However, if you're the kind of person who prefers to set up for the holidays with a ice-cold frozen cocktail in your hand, you'll likely want some more tropical music to get you in the holiday mood. 

Classic Christmas and holiday songs can be great, but they don't have the tropical vibe that most Parrotheads want when they're relaxing and enjoying time with their friends and families. Instead, look for these tropical genres for covers and original takes on some of the best well-known holiday songs, from "Jingle Bells" to "White Christmas."

Caribbean Calypso 
Calypso music originated in Trinidad and Tobago many years ago and has strong African and French musical roots. Today it's best known for its original Caribbean sound that's quick, upbeat and happy. There are many Christmas songs done in the calypso style that would be the perfect for warming up your holiday playlist. 

Steel drum music
Similar to calypso, steel drum or steel pan music is one of the best known types of Caribbean music. It also comes from Trinidad and was first made when people hit metal tins, pots and barrels in the early 1900s. Today, musicians are skilled with their metal drums and can produce light, cheerful tropical songs that are great for a holiday mix. 

Jimmy Buffet's 'Christmas Island' 
Turn on your frozen drink maker, pour yourself a concoction and enjoy these songs from Jimmy Buffet's timeless Christmas album. It's filled with covers of classics and unique takes like "Ho, Ho, Ho & a Bottle of Rum."

Hawaiian tunes
Tropical doesn't just mean Caribbean. Make sure you add some Christmas songs from the Pacific Ocean, like a Hawaiian-style song with plenty of ukulele.